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Oh My God, I just realized something.

Roxas spent 358 days in the Organization, and then spent a week in Twilight town.

So Roxas died on his first birthday.

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There’s a profit to be made….and men who make it.

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Elizabeth: Rhapsodii

zeli-j-howell sent: people are probably going to hate me for saying this but I get you 100%. I mean, I thought the metaphor was well, clever. I'm completely against smoking, never read the book, but I thought the concept was...well nice. I've been meaning to read the book, but I just hope people realize that what he said is in his character. I've read someone else say that thats legit his character flaw: being pretentious.

It is his character flaw! He’s totally pretentious and self-important. Though I think that when you’ve got the threat of death hanging over your head like that you’re allowed at least a little more leeway to be pretentious LOL I mean if you’re 16 and dying then when else are you gonna get the chance? And yeah, the metaphor is that he’s got cancer and as such lacks control over his life, and so by putting the thing that kills him between his teeth but not lighting it and giving it the power to kill him, he’s, at least symbolically, taking power over his life and his illness, that’s the metaphor. And yeah, it’s totally pretentious. That’s the point.

And you should totally read it, it’s a fantastic book, as is the rest of John Green’s work.


Paradox Space 404 pages
Did you know there are currently 4 Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff themed 404 pages for Paradox Space? To access them, in the URL replace the current comic page number with one that doesn’t exist. Refresh the page to cycle between them :)

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゚。* by rosa on pixiv


゚。* by rosa on pixiv


The Girl You Wish You Hadn’t Started A Conversation With At A Party


Some creative anime fansubs 

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